The London Park Lane Arms Fair is recognised world-wide as one of the leading events in the field, specialising as it does in collectors antique Arms and Armour, together with their associated items, accessories and reference books.  It has been running for thirty years and has always been organised by the Oliver family.  Now running as a single day event, the Fair has been held in the past over two and three days; however experience has shown that all of the business at such events is carried out on the first day.  By holding it on one day, costs for both exhibitors and visitors can be contained at a reasonable level.  Additionally, decisions on purchases are more readily made and both collectors and dealers  are able to leave the event satisfied and in reasonable time.  Coupled with the fact that driving into, and parking in, London is so much easier on a Sunday, this makes for a rewarding experience all round.

The basic principle of the Fair has always been to stage an event in a pleasant location, at which antique arms collectors of all levels and persuasions are actively encouraged to  come along to enjoy the Fair, to be able to discuss their various passions in the collecting field with the exhibitors, all of whom are only too pleased to meet and talk with fellow enthusiasts.  We have exhibitors from among the leading dealers from both the U.K. and Europe, many of them retain their best pieces for the Fair.

Complimenting the Fair is a high quality Catalogue/Handbook which contains original articles on the subject.  There are usually seven such articles all of which are specially commissioned for the Catalogue from the pens of world renowned experts in the field of antique Arms and Armour.  The Catalogue is highly regarded world-wide as the leading publication of its kind in the English language.  It is frequently quoted as a reference in books and auction catalogues.  Many of the back numbers are still available for purchase, please refer to the attached schedule for these.